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A really hard block-sliding puzzle game

  • Immerse yourself in 60 challenging logic puzzles.

  • Ask the Omnicube for hints – or just exchange in witty banter.

  • Replay and master individual levels for one, two, and three-star scores.

  • Maneuver your cubes through crowded levels – or avoid the abyss in open-space environments.

Available now on Steam , itch.io, and the Windows Store!


Kyle was a guest on the Excessively Average Gamers "In Depth with Indies" podcast to talk about Omnicube and video game development in general! Check it out:


Omnicube Press

What people are saying about Omnicube!


" Featuring clean, minimalist visuals, intense difficulty and a wacky sense of humor, the game is bound to impress puzzle fans ready for their next obsession"


"There’s always a solution in the end, of course, but it’s amazing how devious such a simple-looking puzzle can be."

"She's a right wicked game, bud."

--The boys back home


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