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OGAW 2019: Week 3 Kickoff

Week 3!

Hello friends, and welcome to Week 3 of OGAW!

I'm getting a late start on this week's game -- things with my non-game development work have kept me busy. But that's okay! I'm thrilled to dive back in to the One Game a Week project and create another game this week.

After working on one project in Unity and one project in GameMaker, I’m not sure what engine I will work with for the third week! Each engine has its own appeal and limitations — maybe I should turn this into a game engine trilogy by creating a game in Unreal Engine or Godot! Maybe HTML5 or Construct? Who knows!

It just occurred to me there might actually be room for someone to work on 10 games over 10 weeks and do a different game engine each time. Now THAT would be quite a feat. I'm probably not the right person for that job, though.

Time to announce this week’s theme! And my apologies for the delay in this announcement. Keep in mind the theme is totally optional, and is just a helpful starting point for people who want it. Having said that…


You can do it, little buddy!

This theme is pretty flexible — you can make the actual in-game content about childhood memories, or you could base your game on something that is actually one of your own childhood memories. Mild spoiler alert — I think I’m leaning toward the latter interpretation. There’s a game I played a lot in my childhood that I’ve always wanted to translate into a video game and this theme is the perfect time to bring it into existence.

If you plan on joining in and making something this week, please feel free to reach out or share your work via #onegameaweek or #OGAW on twitter!

Can’t wait to see some cool new projects!


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