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OGAW 2019: Week 2 Kickoff

Week two is upon us!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second week of One Game a Week 2019! To all of those followed along during the first week, welcome back! To any newcomers — so nice of you to join us! If you’re looking for the quick breakdown of the project you can check my announcement here, and you can see some of my own ground rules and goals for this project here.

I definitely came out of the gate running for my first project — it was a very busy week trying to get all of my content implemented and get all of the biggest bugs ironed out. But WOW — the rush of planning and creating the game within a week feels as amazing now as it did back in 2014. I already feel like I’m recapturing the magic that I felt back then and that really makes me excited.

Here is the link to the recap article for my week 1 game, Curious Castle.

And here is a link to the playable version of the game: Curious Castle Game Link!

All right! Time to announce this week's theme. Keep in mind the theme is totally optional, and is just a helpful starting point for people who want it. Here is our second theme:

Week 2 Theme: RETRO ARCADE

Feel free to interpret this in any way you'd like -- maybe you want to make a game with old-school retro arcade graphics. Or maybe you want to make a super modern 3D game that happens to be set in a retro arcade. Maybe it's a first-person shooter about a guy named "Retro Arcade"! Whatever sparks your imagination!

If you plan on joining in and making something this week, please feel free to reach out or share your work via #onegameaweek or #OGAW on twitter, or feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Let's get moving on week 2!


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