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One Game A Week

Game #1 - Mazes​

October  8th, 2018

A 2D  Maze Game, Twenty Years in the Making

For my first One Game a Week project, I decided to harken back to one of my earliest game projects. Long before I learned to program, long before I knew I could make video games, I used to make pencil-and-paper games for my brothers and friends to play. One of the things I would do most often is draw mazes for people to explore -- there would be keys and locked doors, enemies to try and navigate around, and complex twists and turns and branching paths to try and disorient the player. 


I think my love for drawing mazes might have come from my early love for the PC game Chip's Challenge -- those games were sometimes less about mazes and more about maneuvering blocks around, but the ethos of using your brain to navigate a space really hooked me as a child. 


So I decided to build a version of my old maze games. 


The Tools and the Art Style​

I'd been playing a lot of Metroid Prime in the days before starting my One Game a Week project, and as a part of that I was always listening to Metroid-style music. On the GameCube version, there is also an embedded, playable version of the original Metroid. I played it for a few minutes, listening to those old-school sounds, loving the old-school graphics. I felt it was evocative of a certain time -- and it also resonated with me that this time was the same time I was creating my mazes. For some reason, it just felt right -- so I decided that my maze game was going to be made in the form of some old-school arcade type of aesthetic. 


I decided that I was going to make the game in GameMaker Studio 2. I know that 2D platformers are possible in other engines I use more often, like Unity, but for me, I could never get a set of controls that felt right. In contrast, there were several example projects available for GameMaker that had tight platformer controls that worked exactly as I imagined. Rather than fighting Unity, I decided to make this project in GameMaker. This would be a decision that ended up having some pros and some cons, which I will get into a bit later. 



Play the Game!

Well, since this is just a demo page so far, and since the game is not yet done -- you can't play it yet, silly! 


However, make sure to check back in a few days when the game is complete, and I will have a download link ready. 


In the meantime, check out some of Trykon Studios' other projects -- you might be interested in our commercial puzzle game, Omnicube!







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