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A super-minimalist  to-do  and note-taking application

November 18th, 2018

One of the things I've always craved is a very, very minimal to-do list. For a while, I found the perfect system for this -- I would create a TextEdit document and just use that. I'd create new entries with a '-' and then once I'd finished something, I'd check it off with an 'X-'. Simple, minimal -- easy to read, minimal distraction. No 'boards', no internet connection required nothing -- just a clean, easy to-do list. 



The problem with this very simple solution started to become apparent to me once I accumulated more and more tasks over the course of several days. It started to become annoying to try and properly organize my files -- one approach was to keep a daily file, but after a year I'd have 365 different files. One subtle but very annoying side effect of this -- if I need to File > Save As and change the default directory, then when I'd go back and make my new files for each day I'd have to go re-selecting the right directory. It sounds trivial, but this kind of mental map-maintaining of where each file needs to go was very annoying and wasted brain power I'd rather spend on better things. I could have organized it in a more batch-friendly way, like one file per month or one file total -- but then for my checklist items, I'd have to manually each day go and move the items around. It was so close to a great solution but just annoying enough to not meet my needs. 


Are there workarounds for each of these things? Yes. But ultimately, what it added up to for me was the lack of a tool that did what I really needed. 


That's where Mango comes in. 


It's super minimal -- and it's got built-in functionality for note-taking and checklist items. 


Well, at least, in theory it has all of these things -- right now, it's just a stripped-down text editor without any of the desired functionality. It spent a night trying to just get a basic application that could be installed and used. And I achieved that goal!


Now, over the next few days and weeks, I hope to add in the necessary functionality to bring the checklist and automatic file-organizing features to the application. 

Let me know if this product is something you might be interested in!​

If you'd like to download the latest version of Mango (v_0.01), you can get it at the following download link!


Download Mango v_0.03


-Fixed duplication issues with sync button

-Checked off items now go to Mango_completed_items.txt





Archived (Old) Versions:


Mango v_0.02

Mango v_0.01

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